About the Berean

I have been attending New Creation Church for quite some time and have been a Christian for longer. Until recently, i have begun to study and examine the scriptures, with respect to the sermons of Pastor Prince and the teachings of the church to see if they are in line with the Word of God. I am what you may call a fundamental believer who believes in the grace of God and the truth of His word and that the Bible is THE final authority on all things. I hope that my sharing and comments may help to shed light on some of the teachings and sermons of New Creation Church Singapore.


One response to “About the Berean

  1. Hi Berean,

    I’ve been listening to JP’s messages for a while now with an open mind to try to understand the message of grace and have also done a bit of reading up online on other grace preachers online. I’m very interested to hear from your perspective as an insider as I’ve found none like you especially it seems that you have found some serious error in his teaching and are talking about it.

    Do let me know how to contact you.


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